Shoes Size Guide


Pls see our size guide as below, you can choose the size according to your foot length and width. If your foot length is a little wide and thick, we suggest you choose 1 size larger. Thanks.

Size Guide:
US 3=CN/EU 34 = foot length 21.5-22cm (Foot width=8-8.5cm)
US 4=CN/EU 35 = foot length 22-22.5cm (Foot width=8.5cm)
US 5=CN/EU 36 = foot length 22.5-23cm (Foot width=8.5-9cm)
US 6=CN/EU 37 = foot length 23-23.5cm (Foot width=9cm)
US 7=CN/EU 38 = foot length 23.5-24cm (Foot width=9-9.5cm)
US 8=CN/EU 39 = foot length 24-24.5cm (Foot width=9.5-10cm)
US 9=CN/EU 40 = foot length 24.5-25cm (Foot width=10-10.5cm)
US 10=CN/EU 41 = foot length 25-25.5cm (Foot width=10.5-11cm)
US 11=CN/EU 42 = foot length 25.5-26cm (Foot width=11-11.5cm)
US 12/CN/EU 43 = foot length 26-26.5cm (Foot width=11.5-12cm)
US 13/CN/EU 44 = foot length 26.5-27cm (Foot width=12-12.5cm)
US 14/CN/EU 45 = foot length 27-27.5cm (Foot width=12.5-13cm)
US 15/CN/EU 46 = foot length 27.5-28cm (Foot width=13-13.5cm)
US 16/CN/EU 47 = foot length 28-28.5cm (Foot width=13.5-14cm)
US 17/CN/EU 48 = foot length 28.5-29cm (Foot width=14-14.5cm)
US 18/CN/EU 49 = foot length 29-29.5cm (Foot width=14.5-15cm)
US 19/CN/EU 50 = foot length 29.5-30cm (Foot width=15-15.5cm)
US 20/CN/EU 51 = foot length 30-30.5cm (Foot width=15.5-16cm)
US 21/CN/EU 52 = foot length 30.5-31cm (Foot width=16-16.5cm)

Kindly Tip

1. Conversion 1 cm = 0.39inch
These size is about Asian Size, general get one size smaller than US/EU size, please reference to the size chart.

2. Please be reminded that due lighting effects, monitor brightness contrast settings etc, there could be some slight differences in the color tone of the website photo and the actual item.